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Developing Your Marketing Videos


Our approach to improving your business is to work with

you as a team until we have produced Marketing Videos that reflect your local small business in it’s best light.

In our first interview we will discuss your business in general, your competition, your advertising plans, and any ideas  that you may wish to incorporate in the marketing videos that we will make for you.

We will show you sample videos and different styles that may be suitable for your small business. 

When you select several possible designs we will have the beginnings of our design presentation phase.

We ask that you continue to think about additional  ideas to incorporate in the design phase, and to share them with us.

When we have developed marketing videos using the data gathered in that first meeting, we will call you to arrange for a viewing of the videos.

We expect that it will be an repetitive process, with several versions of each video before you are satisfied, but that is part of the design process that we insist on, to be sure that you are satisfied.

When you have approved the final version of your video we will deliver it to you, and all  rights of ownership will be transferred to you upon receipt of payment.

From this point on, any changes will be on a time and material basis, but our aim is to keep you happy, so you will find that we are very flexible.

We will have done our job when you see an increase in your local business.  We look forward to a lasting business relationship.

You can see examples of our work at

You can also visit Your Local Video Pro Youtube Channel 

Your comments or questions are of course welcome.  

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